Carefully Chosen...

just SUP uk has chosen to partner with SHARK paddleboards.  SHARK have been producing great quality inflatable  paddleboards since 2017.  Their range of boards suits all abilities from beginner to racer and everybody in between.  We have selected each board to deliver a great paddleboard experience for each one of our customers, regardless of their ability.

At just SUP uk we believe that if you use the river (or any body of water for that matter) for recreational purposes,  you have a responsibility to minimise the impact you have upon it.  Being on or in the water is a very special experience and it is an environment that we must not take for granted.  Apart from making great boards, one of the other main reasons we chose to work with SHARK is because they are leading the way in the paddle board industry to produce the most environmentally friendly paddleboards and are pioneering best practice throughout the design and manufacturing process.  

SHARK themselves have partnered with The Shark Trust to help protect this incredible and

endangered species that inspired the brand and the performance of the boards.   


Check out the SHARK SUPs website for more info.



We have three type of iSUP (inflatable stand up paddleboard) for you to choose from.


15'2 x 36"


10'6 x 32" and 11'0 x 34"

A great board for first-timers and intermediates. The Allrounder is super-stable and very

versatile, and can be used for SUP Yoga and light touring too.
The 10'6 is for ideal for women or lighter riders whilst the 11'0 is great for men or taller riders.
We have a total of 12 boards across both sizes. 
They can take riders up to 105 kg/16st and 120 kg/ 19st respectively.

Interesting Fact: The shark pattern is the Epaulette Shark, famous for being able to swim almost upright!


12'6 x 30" and 12'6 x 32"

This board is built to travel!  The TOURER is an awesome board for those with a little more experience but still great for beginners too.  It is longer and sleeker than the ALLROUNDER

so it has better 'glide' and 'tracks' really well

(meaning it's faster and goes in a straight line better!). 
We have two width options to choose from with the narrower 30" version better suited to women.
A great board for a longer paddle.
Will take riders up to 120 kg/19st and 130 kg/ 20st respectively.

Interesting Fact: The shark pattern is the Whale Shark, the biggest fish in the ocean and highly migratory, covering thousands of miles!

This board is all about maximum fun!
Great for couples, friends or a family looking

to literally paddle together.
TANDEM also has a unique 'aqua-window' so you or your passengers can see what's going on
under the board too!
It can carry a max weight of 300kg/ 47st so easily

two adults and a child (or two).
Interesting Fact: The shark pattern is the Port Jackson shark, belonging to the Bullhead shark family. This shark looks after it's young until fully matured!



We currently have four two-seater kayaks and one 3 seater.


This versatile inflatable kayak can be set up as a single or a twin seater.  The floor base uses the same drop-stich technology as the paddleboards making it both durable and stable.  The seats are raised for a more comfortable paddle and bungy cords at the rear mean there's

room for a picnic or a dry bag. 

This kayak can also be used as as single seater.


The three seater is a little longer that the Double

and can take 2 adults plus a child.

Bungy cords at the rear plus a stowage area mean there's room for a picnic or additional clothes/towel etc . 

This kayak can also be used as as single or double seater.