The accessories included in the package are great quality and a cut above many other brands' with higher price points.  

Nice touches include a carbon fibre paddle which is lighter, stiffer and has a great strength to weight ratio

and flexible fin box/fin system which allows the board to roll up more easily, making storage much less hassle. 

The fin itself is literally plug in an go - no fiddly screws and plates.

In addition the wheeled back pack is excellent. 

The premium design is lightweight comfortable to use and large enough to take the board, paddle

and pump with space with ease.  Padded shoulder straps and internal loading straps to stop the contents moving around, make this back pack a great choice.

See Product Details for more information. 


SHARK SUPS use the latest iSUP construction techniques to ensure their boards deliver

not only great performance but also built to last.  The boards are constructed using SHARK FUSION TECHNOLOGY (SFT) which means they have a  double layer of PVC  which is laminated (fused) together instead of being glued.

This makes the boards much stronger, stiffer and lighter. The rails (edges) are also protected using the same method.  SHARK boards all have a 3 year manufacture's warranty.