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Here's how it works...

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What is Klarna?

Klarna is a global payments and shopping service.  It began in 2005 in Sweden with the aim of making shopping online easier and safer.  It has over 90 million consumers worldwide and provides its services to over 250 thousand online retailers, handling 2 million transactions a day. 

How does Klarna work?

Essentially Klarna allows you, the customer, to spread the cost of your purchase.  This can be done in two ways:

  1. Pay for your item(s) in 30 days time, or

  2. Split the cost over 3 equal, monthly instalments.

How much does it cost to use Klarna?

Nothing. It's completely free.  No interest, no fees (when you pay on time) and no impact on your credit score.  

The retailer pays Klarna a fee to be able to offer you, the customer, greater flexibility on how you pay.  It's as simple as that.

Who are Klarna?

Klarna Bank AB UK Branch is a branch of Klarna Bank AB which is authorised and regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority. Klarna is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Klarna Bank AB UK Branch’s number is BR020956 and its address is 125 Kingsway, Holborn, London, WC2B 6NH, United Kingdom, with FCA reference number 536065. Klarna Bank AB’s headquarters are at Sveavägen 46, 111 34, Stockholm, Sweden, registered in the Swedish Commercial Register under registration number 556737-0431.

What happens at the check out?

  1.  Add your items to the basket as normal and select 'Klarna' when you check out.

  2. You will need to enter a few personal details for Klarna who will instantly let you know if you have been approved.

  3. Klarna will send you a confirmation email plus reminders when it's time to pay the next instalment or full amount.

What information will I have to provide?

You will need to provide your mobile number, email address, current billing address and a debit or credit card number. 

So I might not be approved? How does that work?

Each order is processed individually and acceptance is based on a number of factors such as your order history and the value of the item you wish to buy.  Just because you have been accepted for Klarna before, it does not mean you will be automatically accepted for every future purchase.  The same is also true if Klarna declined a purchase - it doesn't mean you will always be declined.   

What checks will Klarna make on me?

Klarna might carry out a limited credit search (called a 'soft search') on you at a credit reference agency. This won’t affect your credit score, or your chances of using credit in the future. You’ll be able to see it on your credit file, but no one else will. 

When does Klarna collect the money?

When you select Pay later in 3 instalments, the first payment is taken at the check out when the order is confirmed.  The second payment is collected 30 days later and the third, 30 days after that (ie. 60 days from the date of the original purchase).

If you choose the pay in 30 option, Klarna will collect the full amount 30 days from the date of purchase. 

You can monitor your payments by using the Klarna app.  

Can I pay the balance off early?

Yes. Just go to the app or and pay by card immediately. No fee.

Who can use Klarna?

As long as you are 18 years old or over, have a valid debit/credit card to use and are a UK resident you can use Pay Later.  A 'valid card' means it must be in your name and not be expired. You should also ensure that the account the card is for has enough money to cover your payment.  As Pay Later is a credit product, Klarna can decide whether or not to start a credit agreement with you.  

It all sounds great, but what if I have more questions?

No problem.  Visit the Klarna Customer Service page via their website or app for a full list of FAQ’s, live chat and telephone options.

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