Over the last couple of years stand-up paddle boarding has become the fastest growing sport in the world.  It is not hard to understand why : it is very accessible, relatively easy to pick up, great fun and most importantly, very good indeed for the mind and body. 


We love seeing our customers learn the basics and then want to buy a board of their own.  But in the world of inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUP) one thing is certain - there is a lot of choice!    Choosing a board can be confusing and a bit overwhelming, so how do you know which one is right for you...? 

As with any 'considered' purchase there are a few key things to decide first before rushing out and splashing your cash.  Asking yourself the two key questions below, should help you figure out what type of board you need. After that it's really down to budget and the size of the board.


Unfortunately once size does not fit all when it comes to SUPs.  It is important that the boards width in particular is right for the rider so it is definitely worth talking to a retailer or instructor to help and advise you.  

One thing to also bare in mind is that progression can be quite rapid for a regular paddler so don't be afraid to consider a board you can 'grow into'.  It will last you longer and you'll get more out of your sessions on the water. 

If you can, try out as many boards as possible before you...err... take the plunge.

Call us for a chat for more information or to arrange a demo of any of the boards that we sell.

buying a paddle board

Who is the board for?
(eg. the primary user)

This is a very important part of the board-selection process as boards are designed for specific users - eg. the height, weight type of rider and their ability all come into play.

Choosing the right board for the main user will mean it will perform better, be easier and more enjoyable for that person to use.

Where will the board be used most often?

Certain boards, a bit like cars, are designed to do different things. Some paddle boards are great at  going in straight lines and exploring (ie. ideal for river use), whilst others are better at going round corners and being more manoeuvrable (better for small waves and the sea).  Thin and rigid paddle boards are built for speed! 

Most good SUP brands will offer an 'allrounder' type of board and these can be a great choice if you want to use your board in a variety of places or even take it on holiday with you! 

choosing a paddle board
buy a paddleboard

What's your budget?

How much you are prepared to spend will be one of the biggest drivers in which board (or brand) you decide to go for.  The sayings 'you get what you pay for' and 'buy cheap, buy twice' can certainly be true when it comes to iSUPs.  That said, a budget board can be a great choice as long as you understand what you are getting for your money.