just SUP uk is owned by Nick, who has been a boardsports enthusiast all his life.  Following the impact of the pandemic in 2020, Nick saw an opportunity to return to his roots and

fulfil a dream of running his own boardriding business.  

Back in the day, Nick was a qualified windsurfing instructor for several years before embarking on a 25-year career in retail, where he worked for some

 of the leading surf brands. He took up stand-up paddleboarding in 2014

as a light-wind alternative to windsurfing and is now a qualified SUP Instructor

with the British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA).  

As well as paddleboarding, Nick continues to windsurf on the south coast

when the wind blows hard enough and he also wakeboards and snowboards.

just SUP uk is all about sharing the passion for watersports and promoting the

benefits of  being out on the water and doing something pure,

 something analogue, in an ever-digitalised world.   

Nick says, "Whether you want to learn to paddle board, head out for a

social paddle with friends and family, or just get out for an hour on your own,

being out on a SUP is great fun and a great way to relax

and connect with nature and the river. 

Plus its great exercise for that core too!  Anyone can do it!" 

Pop over to Runnymede for a chat  and join the SUP REVOLUTION!