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No such thing as a silly question!  (well almost)

Am I going to fall in?

Tough question to answer as it depends on the person.  That said, based on our experience around 20% of people end up in the river.  Bring a change of clothes anyway, just in case you're the one in five!

What time should we arrive for our session?

In order to get you on the water at your allotted time please arrive at least 20 minutes before hand. 

This will give us time to give you the all important a SAFETY BRIEFING and INSTRUCTIONS plus get you kitted up,

without reducing your time on the water or delaying other customers paddling after you.    

What should I wear?

 If you are a complete beginner and the session is in the spring or winter, then we recommend wearing a wetsuit

(we have a limited number here which you can hire).  That said, if you don't end up falling in,  a wetsuit can make you a little hot and uncomfortable so it really is down to you to decide.  (You can always take a dip to cool down!)

In the summer months a swimsuit/boardies and/or a light weight top/bottom (similar to running gear) do the job. 

If you are kayaking wear something comfy.  You'll get a few drips off the paddles so something light is good. 

Call us if your are still not sure.

Is there anywhere to get changed?

Yes. The just SUP uk van has a changing room built-in to spare your blushes.

Should I wear anything on my feet?

Probably a good idea.  Wetsuit booties/beach shoes or light barefoot trainers work well (if you wear trainers, bring a spare pair). 

Cover any new cuts on your feet with a waterproof plaster before getting wet. 

How clean is the river?

The Thames is one of the cleanest urban waterways in the world and teeming with life! However, 

it's not Evian so avoid drinking it or breathing in any foam; and have a shower when you get home.  

I'm not a very good swimmer... Can I still have a go?

No problem.  As long as you are confident being in deep water and can swim 25m you should be fine. 

All our boards are inflatable and you will be attached to one via an ankle or waist leash at all times

- plus you'll be wearing a buoyancy aid ( PFD or personal flotation device).

Do I have to have a lesson if I have never done it before?

Not necessarily.  We believe paddleboarding is very safe and relatively easy to pick up if you are confident in the water.   

If you are after a taster session to see if you like it,  you can hire a board and you will get some basic instruction included. 

Or if you prefer,  you can book a private or group lesson and get more detailed on-the-water coaching.

What if it's raining on the day I have booked my SUP or kayak?

Bring a hat.  The river can be at its most calm and beautiful in the rain. 

Your booking will stand unless we deem the conditions unsafe.

What is the minimum age for taking a board out?

12 years.  Anyone between 12  and 18 years will need to be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian.

Can the kids come out on the board with me?

Absolutely! Under 14s only please.  There is a small additional fee to cover the use of the buoyancy aid/PFD.  

All passengers should be water-confident and able to swim 25m.  Sorry no dogs.

What facilities are there?

There is a big pay car park, café, ice cream hut, children's' playground plus lots of space for picnics and long walks.   

You can also see the timeline of all the Kings and Queens of England under the watchful eye of the QE II statue. 

What do I do with my personal belongings when I'm on the water?

The best thing is to leave anything valuable locked in your car (or with a friend on the bank). 

Can I take my mobile phone with me?

Yes. In fact, one person in every group MUST take a phone with them. We will supply waterproof mobile phone cases free of charge,

but we cannot take responsibility for any water damage to your phone should it occur. 

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